Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Launch in the Works

I am absolutely delighted to tell you a secret! And no, it’s not the name of my book!! I am so excited about this brand new project we are working on! I was hopped up on caffeine a few nights ago and bought a domain at 2am.

This will be a new content-based, national website that is dedicated to my target market. It will be the natural and logical progression of my brand after my book comes out.

The usual suspects will be writing for it, of course. Me on professional image and personal style, Wendy the Makeup Junkie on skin care and makeup, Miss Kel on fashion trends, and Coach Joelle with all the marvelous stuff she does. There is no description for Joelle’s magic. And that is exactly what it is - magic.

Adding to that most awesome lineup will be Professor LisaMarie Luccioni - my girl who I am so proud of!! Speaking at the AICI conference in Minneapolis this past week and rocking the house!! Lisa is a fabulous communications and etiquette expert who I love to death.

And for now, last but not least, I am hoping to bring the lovely and talented Chris Brondel onboard for career advice.

The site will touch on what young women need to know. I would also like to bring a relationships expert, a fitness and nutrition guru, and a personal finance expert into the mix. I have some people in mind, but I will announce them after they agree.

I am just so excited to embark on this most excellent adventure that we are planning to launch in the fall :)

Now, I just have to get this book finished.

Joelle, wave your magic wand, please!!!


sec citystyle said...

Sounds ambitious. I don't think there is much out there like it.

sec citystyle said...

I would definitely bookmark it.

Jolie said...

Kristen, the stuff you do is always fun, and witty, and has your personality written all over it. I know this will be a big success for you.

Luv Ya,