Tuesday, March 13, 2007

KK in the CC Blog

Cool....I think.

I made it into Peter Chakerian's Cool Cleveland blog this evening.

Fashion Week Cleveland is seeking models and designers, esp. Latino & wearable art: http://www.fashionweekcleveland.com/ Is Kristen Kaleal all over this one already? She had bettah be.

Sent him an email and attempted to post a comment that I am decidedly NOT all over Cleveland Fashion Week.

Here's my response:

Hey Peter -

I just saw this….

No, I am not doing anything with Fashion Week!! I don’t have time for the fashionista fluff right now.

I’m heavily involved in writing my book and getting it onto the market in ‘08 -


(I have even stopped being the networking and party queen of Cleveland - that is how serious I am to finish this!!)

I am also working on image enhancement and personal brand building for professional athletes. And I’ll be quoted on the front of the PDQ section this Sunday about online dating coaching, which I’m also doing a little bit of….

So the KK 3-ring circus, I think you called it, just keeps on going…..but Fashion Week Cleveland is not even near the tent :)

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