Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Uninspired Spring Shopping

It’s a gorgeous day in Cleveland, so I got up this morning and washed the dog. She now smells like a pina colada. (That’s the shampoo scent – I did not wash her in rum, coconut, or pineapple juice!) She must have liked it - she was later seen licking her paws.

After the pooch bath, I decided to take a little shopping excursion to get away from the book writing for a little while.

My mission:
Buy a top in a color I wouldn’t normally buy

(I become quite adventurous when it’s sunny and spring-like outside!)

Three stores later, I returned home with nothing. Why? Because I have representatives of every color already in my closet. And I know my taste so well that I will often pick something up off the rack that I absolutely love and then I realize “no wonder I love it – I already have its twin in my closet!”

Hence, the classic “I couldda had a V-8” moment where I hit my forehead with my palm and feel like a dork.

Thus proving that I have to shop when I’m truly inspired, not when I have given myself a mission to accomplish.

I was chatting with my friend Dee as I drove home and she was laughing at how silly I am.

But hey, I’ve built a career on crazy shopping habits! So it’s good to be this way…..sometimes!

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