Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Perfect Pair of Peeptoe Shoes

I knew it – I would pay for making my triumphant return to yoga last night. I’m in so much pain! Stupid yoga nazi! (that’s what I call my yoga teacher Brenda at Fitworks). Every class with her is sheer torture, but you can sure get results. It’s just that about 4pm the following day, the pain sets in and doesn’t stop for about 2 days. Which means I’ll be in pain till 4pm on Friday. I can't take Advil and Aleve because of my ulcer, which, ironically, was caused by all the Advil and Aleve taken over the years for my TMJ.

Today I went shopping – my second excursion for the elusive pair of peeptoe shoes. Yes, there are a lot of peeptoes around, but I’m looking for the right pair.

I have a green and beige bouclé skirted suit. It’s an odd cool-warm green and a very neutral beige. It’s not at all gold or gray-ish. It’s a gorgeous suit and I can’t wait to wear it. I found a lovely pin for it. It’s just the shoes that I lack. I need a similar beige peeptoe with no pattern or texture. Just a flat leather. I would even take a d’Orsay pump. I just need something professional that covers most of my foot. (d’Orsay shoes never stay on for me because I have a wider front of my foot and the back is extremely narrow – like Fred Flintstone – my nickname for my feet? “The Freds”) I don’t plan to wear hose with this suit, and since it’s a heavier weave but a spring/summer suit, I want as much uncovered as possible without looking inappropriate. I never want that, of course.

So anyway, I can’t find my shoes. Arrrgggh. But I’ll get over it.

My shoe problems seem trite compared to the rest of the stuff happening in the world, but this blog is called Keeping Up Appearances, so I must keep up with my own. After all, I’m the image consultant here. I better look good.

Today is my dad’s 65th birthday. I keep telling him he’s officially old. He’s been old for years, but now it’s official. I can tease him because he’s my dad. And he knows I mean it with a lot of love and a lot of truth. ::heh heh::

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!
Love, Cupcake

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