Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hatchery Chicks

I went to the eTech Hatchery official opening Thursday night downtown on Star Plaza. Despite the rain, an excellent time was had by all. The “Hatch” is a relatively small one-room building with glass walls right on the plaza. It was devised by Tech Czar Michael DeAloia as a place for small eTech companies to have a place to start and grow. The inhabitants change every six months. The first are the Portfolio Magazine Online ( girls Andria Trivisonno and Julie Fink. PMO is a great concept where college students can put their portfolios online for prospective employers to view. Since I’m involved with the college market quite a bit, I think we can do some cross-promoting eventually, especially with the Midwest Association of Colleges & Employers (MWACE) conference coming to town in a couple of months.

I call Andria and Julie the “Hatchery Chicks”, which I think is quite funny. My friend Alex had to remind me that I say a lot of things that could be perceived as offensive to females, but can get away with them because I’m a girl.

The Alex I’m talking about is Alex Michaels is from Prelude2Cinema. In addition to him, I saw Mr. (I bet he hates me calling him that), Dan Hanson. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I was seeing Dan for the second time in the span of a week. I saw Josh Thomas, events coordinator from (i)Cleveland and of course the Hatchery Chicks and Tech Czar. I met a bunch of new people including George Nemeth from Brewed Fresh Daily (Hi George! You’re probably reading this) I was super impressed that he knew who I was because of my blog. He’s the king of the Cleveland blogosphere.

Thanks to Peter from Cool Cleveland for sharing it with him.

I met Matt Ziaja from BusinessWire, Melissa Zujkowski a litigator for Ulmer Berne (velcro rollers are my secret weapon!), David Stack, Henry Gomez from The Plain Dealer, and a bunch of people whose names I can’t remember including the guy with the hideous Members Only (oops-I meant Gap) jacket.

Thanks to Michael for inviting me along with the Tech Czar Posse to the Union Club afterward. I had a great time hanging out with you guys.


George Nemeth said...

Was it green with a matching shirt and tie? That was Brandon Glenn of Crain's.

William said...
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William said...
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Tech Link said...

Actually it was William rocking the M.O. jacket.