Monday, May 22, 2006

"It's Gotta Be the Shoes"

I admit I caved in to a fad. Not a shoe fad though. I always give in to those. This time I bought a pair of big sunglasses. I’ve been seeing stars wearing them looking like they have giant bug eyes. They look especially weird on someone like Nicole Richie, who is particularly gaunt looking.

I got a pair today that aren’t so gargantuan, but still very Jackie O-inspired. I didn’t pay a lot for them because next week they’ll probably be on the “totally not cool” list.

See? I listen to my own advice: ”Spend money sparingly on fads.”

I had a meeting today with Amy Pappas, an event planner. Her company is AZA Events ( We met in Beachwood at Starbucks at Village Square. We chatted a bit about the proposed Expo that Mr. ClevelandWomen Dan Hanson (I love calling him that – it’s hilarious to me) and I are planning. Amy mentioned she has connections at Cleveland State and may be able to get us the Wolstein Center. That would be excellent.

And now onto the shoes.....

After Amy and I got together, I had to go into Mayfield to pick up the tailoring for the Plain Dealer photo shoot tomorrow. I made a stop at the Marshalls at Golden Gate. Let me tell you, I am digging their new “Mega” shoe department. So many great shoes. Lots of sizes. It’s just so much better than before.

I couldn’t help myself. I picked up a pair of Liz Claiborne gold peeptoe/d’Orsay style shoes (left) to wear with my light blue & gold brocade jacket and tan capris and I’m sure many other things as well. They’re awesome. I had seen this same pair at TJ Maxx but they didn’t have my size in two stores. Marshalls clearance price was $10 off the TJ Maxx price. Yay! I knew I would eventually have those shoes.


I unexpectedly found the cutest shoes ever. Lime & leopard print spectator-style mules. And then I found a pair of lime capris to match them. Okay, lime capris would normally be a little loud for me, but I can tone them down with a more subdued top.

I’m delighted with my new shoes. I think I may have found my sought-after beige shoes at Shooz at Golden Gate. They’re a plain, pointy-toe pump with a 3-inch heel, my preferred height. I need heels as high as I can get. I love when platforms are in vogue. I like feeling tall. People always wonder if I have trouble walking in them. Even if I stumbled around, I would still wear them. I just love the concept of heels. They’re so girly. I still adore pointy toes. I have feeling that they’ve been released from fad status and are quickly making their way to becoming a classic. At least I hope that’s true. They’ll have to pry my pointy stilettos off my cold dead feet. Round toes just don’t have the same effect, and square toes are a nightmare. I admit I still have a few pairs of square toes around, either because they’re unusual colors (one is an odd shade of mauve I’ll never be able to find again) and I’m still attached to a couple other pairs – leopard loafers with a 3–inch heel and powder blue and black faux snake sandals.

Tomorrow is the Plain Dealer college-to-career makeover shoot. I’m excited to do the shoot but even more to see my dear friend Wendy Fitos. She’ll be doing the makeup. She lives on the Westside so we don’t get to see each other often enough. Anytime I get to see the Makeup Junkie, I’m thrilled!

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