Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Cars & Style

I went to the Lexus Style Show at Playhouse Square in Cleveland last night. Many of the beautiful people in Cleveland were there. It was the unveiling of the new Lexus ES 350 along with a style show featuring clothing from an upscale shopping center in town.

The weather yesterday was absolutely beautiful, almost 70 degrees, which made people really want to get out.

I don’t think that they anticipated the crowd. It was so packed that people were being shown to an overflow area in the lobby of an adjacent theater. Maybe people were there for the free food and drinks. I was there for the clothes, and I suspect the 50% of the crowd that were guys were there for the cars.

The new Lexus is nice, but it didn’t hit my hot button. I’m looking more at sporty cars right now – and convertibles. I know they’re not the best choice in a place like Cleveland, but I want one!
Getting back to the subject at hand….

Kilgore Trout presented the fashion show and there were some really nice looking pieces in it. I don’t regularly shop there, so I don’t keep up with what they have. We saw some very casual items – I can’t believe the Bermuda short is back for women – a flat front style that doesn’t flatter if you have heavier thighs or hips. Lots of capris. I don’t think they’re going out until we get sick of them. Even I gave in and started wearing them in the last two or three years. Love the new distressed denim jacket look. It’s nice that they’re more tailored now. It’s a must-have these days. Although nothing screams eighties more than a shapeless jean jacket.

Also, metallics are in, but now they are very subdued. You may see a hint of metallic in the weave of a fabric, but nothing over the top. Metallic fabrics can be overpowering, so worn in moderation, they are great.

Some great looking Armani and Zegna suits for guys too. I don’t see any of them working for the office – especially the light grey with sort of a sheen. I love menswear, so I was very eager to see that part of the show. It didn’t disappoint.

All in all, it was an interesting evening. I was glad to see the new Lexus and it was nice to see warm weather clothes. I’m really looking forward to summer!

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