Thursday, April 20, 2006

Book Girl

I’ve been working on my book concept for at least the past three years. My internal clock is telling me that now is the right time to work on getting it published. I’m attending the Book Expo in DC next month to get the ball rolling.

I think it’s about time for this book. Doing what I do, I hear so many complaints about how young people dress. Whether it’s the parents or recruiters or career center staff, no one seems to have an answer about how to teach young women how to dress. Through my studies and training, I have the answers. And I’m putting them in my book.

In addition to teaching young women about first impressions, grooming and sensible wardrobe development, my book will help them avoid the traps that can sabotage their credibility in the workplace – showing too much skin, very long hair, dressing too trendy, and the myriad other things that can spell career doom.

After the first book, I’m hoping to write a follow-up about dressing for young men. But the women’s is more desperately needed right now. Men are lucky because they have rules. Women don’t and that’s why the result is what we see in the workplace today.

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