Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Quick & Cheap Fave

If I buy something over and over again, you know I love it. Otherwise, I will buy every product in that category until I find the one I love. Expensive? Yes, sometimes. Worth it? To me, oh yesss.

I have been buying the following product for over five years now. It just works. It removes my toughest waterproof mascara without irritating my sensitive little eyes.

Neutrogena Oil-Free 
Eye Makeup Remover

This comes in two layers, much like oily salad dressing. But unlike oily salad dressing, it is not delicious. So don't put it on your salad. But like salad dressing, be sure to shake it well and use a cotton ball or cotton pad to gently remove your mascara. Pretty simple. And usually under $6! I keep one upstairs and downstairs by the TV as well as in my travel makeup bag.

It works just as well, if not better, than more pricey products on the market and it's available pretty much anywhere. It doesn't require a special trip to Sephora or to the department store cosmetics counter. And this product works quickly. That's important because sometimes I'm in a race to remove my makeup before I fall asleep. Sometimes sleep wins :(

Keeping an extra bottle of this by the TV has definitely helped me remove my eye makeup before Zzzzzzz time.

Sometimes we branch out and buy products related to the ones we love because, hey, if this worked, its relatives should work too, right? Not always...

Neutrogena also makes an eye makeup remover lotion in a teal tube, which didn't work well at all and irritated my eyes quite badly. They also have a "one step" gentle cleanser in a pump bottle which matches the look of the oil-free eye makeup remover packaging. It was uncomfortably drying to my normally very oily skin and turned my mascara into a big nasty clump. One step? I think not. It was awful.

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Anna said...

Love this stuff! Also my makeup remover of choice. I've tried the WalMart store brand knockoff version, too, and it works just as well.