Monday, January 05, 2009

I'm outta here....soon

During the winter, I always become convinced that I'm moving away from Cleveland at the first sign of spring. This winter is no different.

So, I decided to make a list of the things I like about my hometown and the things I don't.

What I like:

1. My beloved sad sack Browns

Wow, that was shorter than expected!

What I don't like:

1. Everything other than my beloved sad sack Browns. Especially the weather.

I know this will probably draw the ire of the pro-Cleve people, and that's fine. Go ahead and complain. I'm leaving! (As soon as I get my book finished! So it may be awhile...)

I did move to Vegas once before, so it isn't an idle threat, like those from so many others. I did it once and I will do it again! This I swear.....


Rob said...

I think the question on everyone's mind (or maybe just mine) is... you already bailed once? What brought you back? Or was it those sad sack Browns?

Miss Fabulous said...

As a lifelong Clevelander and admitted Cleveland lover I am sad that you might leave. However I will never judge. I can see how you would want to move, especially because of your career. People in Cleveland who would care about their image and style are few and far between! The thing is that they need your help but don't care. :)

Kristen Kaleal said...

Thanks for the comments!

Rob - I returned because I was finished with Vegas. And it was finished with me:)

There were no Browns when I left (1998) and they were here when I returned. Yay! (But not really.)

Miss Fab - I actually do quite well here. Surprisingly, the key is that I am hired by those who already dress pretty well on their own, and not by the clueless masses you see walking down the street. I gave up on them years ago!

It's the weather and downtrodden mentality I desperately need to leave behind.

Kitty said...

As a former Sanduskian, I feel for you. I moved in 1994, but I only got to Indianapolis, because my brother lives here and he helped me get a job. Sandusky is worse in the winter, we would go to Cleveland for something to do.