Wednesday, January 07, 2009

1 Minute Review: L'Oreal Dream Blonde

I am an at-home hair colorer. Mainly because I don't enjoy the amount of time it takes to sit in the salon and hand foils to my hair stylist and sit under the dryer and process for what seems like an eternity. When I do my own, I slap the color on, let it process for a half hour (while doing something constructive) and then throw in some highlights and lowlights if and when the mood strikes me.

I've never been loyal to one brand. It's all based on which chick on the box I feel like looking like at that time.

L'Oreal Dream Blonde is almost twice the price of other coloring kits (I think I paid $14.99 at Target), but it is worth it for high-lift blondes like myself (especially with longer hair) as the ends tend to get especially dry.

The package comes with a protectant for the delicate ends, your usual tint, developer and conditioner, plus it also includes shampoo and "continuous shine crème" which I haven't used yet, but it's supposed to be applied to your finished style.

Unlike many women I know, I never really have trouble with my blonde getting red or brassy. As long as I stay close to my natural-ish champagne blonde, I'm good. I was really happy with this color. I think it was 8 1/2 Natural Blonde. Looks like a perfect base that I can add to when I feel like it.

I'm really happy that L'Oreal is showing concern for the health of the hair and not just giving you the chemicals to damage it. Lord knows I've done enough of that over the years.

So all you self-coloring blondes out there, go for it! Let me know what you think!!

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Allison M. said...

I'm a brunette. My only adventures in home coloring were in the 9th grade and L'Oreal Petit Frost.

Oh, those were the days of sort of blonde streaks.