Thursday, September 25, 2008

I heart my Crest Spinbrush

Having been sick lately for much longer than I am used to, I took my sick self out to Target yesterday for more meds and shuffled around the store like an old lady for about half an hour.

(Man, when I get sick, I look sicker than any other person in history. This I swear.)

I ended up buying a Crest Spinbrush. Let me tell you - it is amazing!! I have brushed my teeth about 5 times in the last 16 hours.

I have soft teeth, which means I am prone to cavities. I also have survived three TMJ surgeries, so trips to the dentist are incredibly uncomfortable and even painful. So cavities are not something I want.

I have to brush like a crazy person to keep the cavity creeps away (remember that Family Guy episode?!). But I think this brush is going to help cut my brushing time down. And anything that saves me time, I looove.

Plus my teeth really feel clean, which I also love.

Yay Spinbrush!

(Sorry - I've been wrapped up in my furry blanket in front of the TV for the last 3 days with only a BlackBerry to keep in touch with the world. A vibrating toothbrush is super exciting to me at this point.)


Alexa said...

i use the same one!

high five

Allison M. said...

That's a very long flu.

Kelly and José said...

wow 3 TMJ surgeries. That is awful. My mother, my sister and my fiance all suffer from TMJ. You would have been amused a few years ago I was out with Kelly @ X0 along with several of her girlfriends and they were having this very long winded conversation about how all of them suffer from TMJ. I will have to let her know about this toothbrush.