Friday, September 19, 2008

Hangin' around in the middle of the night

Greetings from almost 3am. I can't sleep. I have an early day of shopping tomorrow and I should have long been asleep. But one thing is keeping me awake:


I get to go into some of the nicest closets around, but if I see one more closet filled with Joan Crawford's wire hangers and/or twenty different colors and shapes of plastic hangers, I think I am going to scream. Or grab one and hit someone with it.

I'm not a neat freak, and I don't have OCD or anything, but it makes me absolutely crazy to see people disrespecting their clothes and contributing to general closet disarray when it's so easy to avoid.

From my experience, the first step toward having a messy closet is the hangers. If they're all different colors, shapes and sizes, it instantly makes your closet look disorganized. Even if you *are* a neatnik and everything is perfectly organized, the hangers can completely ruin the effect.

No matter how big or how small - or whether it's a shared space or all your own, going into your closet in the morning should be a pleasant experience. The rest of our lives are stressful enough!

I recommend to everyone that they purchase crystal hangers. Because they are a uniform size and clear, they pretty much disappear so all you see are your clothes. It's like your closet becomes your own little clothing boutique. It's easier to see what you have and put outfits together.

I'll write more about clothing organization soon, since it's on my mind.

Check out the classic Closet Monkeys article to see the crystal hangers I recommend.


Mel said...

I actually don't like the crystal hangers -- I think it reminds me too much of my retail management days.

That being said, I have complete OCD about my hangers -- they're all WHITE. Never, never, never wire hangers or colored plastic on ANYTHING. The only exception is the sturdier wood hangers in my coat closet for some of my vintage things.

Oh, and did I ever tell you that I color-coordinate my closet? Yeah, I 'm bad. :-)

matt said...

no more wire hangers ever!

My former better half was appalled when she saw that I had nothing but wire hangers.

I think I've pretty much kicked the habit.

What can I say, I was raised by parents that I am fairly sure are still using wire hangers!!

Allison M. said...

i just cleaned my closet over the weekend.

SHhh. my hangers don't match either.