Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dissed at the Discount Store

I had to run out to the discount stores in my area tonight looking for some Halloween stuff. Let me just say, it was a rather weird evening.

Target was fine. Got my stuff and left.

Went to the register with my one item at Wal Mart and the cashier never acknowledged me and never stopped her conversation with another cashier who was standing with her. I was lucky she swiped my item. I asked her to hit credit on the register after I swiped my card and she stood there, deep in conversation until she realized she needed to do something.

I barely got my receipt from her and she didn't even bother to make sure I could get to my bag. It was really bizarre. I said thanks very rudely and left (I know I went down to her level, but I was pissed!). I have never been completely ignored like that anywhere! I mean, I know cashiers don't necessarily want to be there on a Saturday night, but can usually muster a semi-pleasant "hi."

Then, I saw a couple making out behind a pole in the candle aisle at K-Mart. When they realized I wasn't going anywhere (hey, there were chocolate candles to sniff), they finally moved out of the area. Then I saw them making out in the parking lot. Not in their car, mind you.


I hate discount stores, but they're a necessary evil sometimes.


Allison M. said...

I love Target.

Not a fan of Walmart - never ever.

Allison M. said...

love target. Although, I get eerked when people make it french.

Ok, nothing about Target is french.