Friday, August 08, 2008

Totally Random on a Friday night.....

I'm drinking a cup of hot chai because I am cold and tired after being out for birthday dinner and having one strawberry shortcake martini. I was feeling weird so I came home. Chai is my drink of choice in the fall. I'm a couple months early. The weather channel is stating it's 68 degrees out there. BRRRR!

I caught a little of the Olympics opening ceremonies. As always, boring. I'm ignoring the Olympics more than usual this year because I don't like the idea of them being held in China. I mean, what does my opinion mean? Not much, I know. China's treatment of animals is appalling - especially dogs. Their attitude toward baby girls is completely and utterly wrong. And their treatment of Tibet has been awful. Why did they get the Olympics? Is everyone else able to overlook these issues? Well anyway, I won't be watching NBC while they're on.

I'm addicted to Facebook. Although it's not a bad addiction. I can see why it's useful. I think it definitely beats MySpace, LinkedIn, Plaxo and all their business and social networking buddies out there. It's actually easier than email for communicating with people. Love that! I'm terrible at replying to emails these days. Call me Flaky K.

I want to endorse three grooming products. As always, if any companies are listenin
g out there, bribes are always acceptable for product endorsements. Hee hee.

Here's what I'm liking right now:

1) Clairol Perfect 10 Gloss Color
Newer product. Processes in only 10 minutes. And if you're a color-at-home girl like me, this is an awesome product. (I actually have hair stylists who will cut and color my hair for free because I send them business - but I dislike going to the salon for color that much. When it comes to my hair color, I am a control freak.)

2) The Ped Egg
You've seen the commercials. Admit it - you've wondered if it works. Well, it does. It has cut my pedi time by 75% because it takes off most of my dead skin before I soak my feet. Previously, I soak
ed them to soften the gross old skin and shaved it off with one of those callus razors you're not supposed to use but I do anyway. I can use it every day or two without having to do the whole pedicure routine. It's awesome. (I also don't like people touching my feet, so I do pedicures myself. My feet are too ticklish!) The Ped Egg is every bit as good as they say. The egg itself is $9.99 and three replacement "foot graters" are $9.99.

3) The Furbuster (OK, it's a grooming tool for dogs - so sue me)
I saw its much more expensive twin The Furminator at Petco a couple of months ago, but I couldn't justify spending $50 on a dog comb, even if it was a really cool one. I started researching it and it seemed like exactly what I needed for Bailey when she was blowing out her coat in the spring. Then one day, I saw the exact same comb, but packaged differently, at Target. It was $21.99 - still pricey for a dog comb, but it WORKS. Even on dogs that never seem to stop shedding. It gets Bailey's undercoat that her other brushes and combs don't reach. And the best thing is that she doesn't mind it. She sits there and sometimes even gives me the "attention paw" because she wants me to keep brushing her when I stop. It gets mounds of hair out of my dog about once a week and she sheds so much less. No big clumps of undercoat blowing around the kitchen floor. A bunch of dog owners I know have already bought them.

Okay, I'm going to bed.

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Patrick said...

The Ped Egg freaking rocks! All that powdered skin turns the stomach a bit but it's going down the drain, right?