Monday, August 18, 2008

Someone Really Making a Difference for the Doggies

Linda Perko, owner of Greyhound Adoption of OH in Chagrin Falls, has placed over 1600 former racing greyhounds into loving homes. This "String of Hope" provided a strong visual representation of just how many dogs have come through her organization. These are the collars they come from the tracks into her kennel with before they are adopted out.

If you ever spend any time with a greyhound, you would not believe what sweet, gentle and calming animals they are. It's contagious!

This is my favorite former racing greyhound, "Taco" Tina. Her racing name was Rooftop TNT, but she was retired early after being not so great at the track. My parents adopted her two years ago. Now, her job is hanging out on my parents' couches and taking walks in the park with my mom.

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