Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Am I really this popular?

I found my favorite social network platform.

It's Facebook.

It seems to cover all my needs - social and business. The problem is, I am constantly getting MySpace (which I'm not even using anymore), LinkedIn and Plaxo connection requests, and even requests from a couple of smaller networks I signed up for.

To quote Charlie Brown, "GOOD GRIEF!" (And I usually want to punch Charlie Brown in the face...or at least steal his football so he lands flat on his back, hopefully breaking it. But I do like Snoopy and Woodstock, so I'm not totally evil. But that's another blog post.)

Do I really need to be friends with the same person in five different platforms? I say hell no! But some people seem to live for that stuff, I guess.

What annoys me most is getting a friend request from someone I don't know, don't want to know, and who has absolutely nothing to do with me or my business. I look at their profile to find that they have generally 4-5 times as many friends than anyone else I normally connect with. They're just "friend collectors," I suppose. I don't know if they want to appear to know a lot of people (I can think of some people like that from high school) or what.

I'm new at navigating the social network terrain, since I resisted it for so long. What's the deal here? Am I the only one who is annoyed?


Narm said...

Social media platforms have picked up where telemarketers left off on the "Annoying the Shit Out of Me" front.

Alexa said...

it is a bit out of control these days. between my three emails, myspace, FB, linkedin, twitter and my blog... um yeah.

and to answer your question yes, you are that popular. well at least i am. ha

taawd said...

i could agree with you anymore completely.

i'm all but done with myspace (an Internet announcement made right here)

one person invited me to plaxo, which I haven't been on since.

i have dozens of linkedin connections but still don't understand what the heck it's all about.

there's vox which i'm annoyed at myself for using.

then there's my own personal social networking site called

oh, yeah, throw in something like a yahoo account, two gmail account, one work e-mail, a hotmail account that's gone dark and text messages.

seriously if you can't get in touch with me..

alexa, we're ALL semi-famous... c'mon!

Allison M. said...

it's the same with twitter. I have spammers following me on twitter. What do they get out of following people? I don't get that one.