Sunday, August 10, 2008

Project Interrupted

I've decided to suspend my Project Runway commentary this season. I am far less than intrigued with the show this year. My interest level wanes with each passing week. Are the challenges uninspiring? Yes. The season started with a repeat of the very first challenge from the first season. The only one that I thought was useful was this past week's challenge to design an outfit for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics for the female athletes. And you know what? All but 4 got it so completely wrong that it wasn't even funny. These designers must be morons or something. That's when I decided to shut down my Runway blog.

The fact that I also can't stomach so many of the contestants doesn't help. Blayne, the tanorexic. Suede, who blows kisses way too much. Oh, and freaky Stella and her "leatha." She doesn't even belong there. (Special mention to Kenley, who isn't really annoying but seems to want to be Bettie Page.)

Not only do their personalities suck, but they don't seem nearly as talented as previous seasons. In every season since the second, Tim Gunn has spoken at length about how that season's contestants were the most talented bunch so far. But he hasn't said anything of the sort this season.

My winner so far? Korto. Second place - Terri.

Maybe I will resume blogging closer to the end of the season.

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Allison M. said...

How funny is leatha though? I like the blonde chick who won the first challenge with all the tats. I'm a fan of Kenley but else can she do other than new spins of retro classics?

Love Terri - go columbus!