Sunday, August 10, 2008

Blog Identity Crisis

I am re-evaluating the purpose of my blog. Over the last two years or so, it has kind of meandered through many stages - my social record (when I was out on the town more), a style guide, my love letter to shoes, place to reminisce about my youth and complain about closet monkeys, an official record of the martinis I've drank, my love letter to 30 Rock, and my special spot to be generally weird.

The title, Keeping Up Appearances, was supposed to lend it to being a style blog (and thank goodness no one from the BBC has called me out for bogarting their show title), but the title now seems to have evolved into meaning me being my quirky and silly little self, but also an image consultant - a paragon of proper behavior and elegance in our society (if you want to see this definition in action, check out Professor LisaMarie Luccioni, the best specimen of our breed).

But I gotta be me. In fact, if I wasn't "Keeping Up Appearances," my blog would read something like this.

I guess the title became kind of ironic sometime over the past couple of years.

What I'm probably going to do is start a style blog sometime soon so I can keep being me in this one.

Crisis averted. I think.

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