Saturday, July 05, 2008

Too much L & O

My new mindless show to watch when I'm working in front of the TV is Law & Order: Criminal Intent. While I am a crime show junkie, my selected fare is usually either CSI (Vegas only) or true crime shows. This is the first Law & Order show I've ever watched regularly.

I had to laugh yesterday morning when I ran out to the store during my 4th of July preparations and was flipping radio stations and heard a clip of a stand-up comedian saying something like this:

"There are too many La
w & Order shows. Know how I know this? There was a murder on the show the other night and they went to the crime scene and there were detectives from another Law & Order show already there."

I was cracking up.

The only ones I want to see at any crime scene are Goren & Eames. The rest are losers.

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