Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Dad & Dead Euclid

I've been away from my blog lately because my dad had hip replacement surgery last Monday and around client work and writing, I've been running to the hospital to see him.

It's funny - he's at Euclid Hospital. They have a good reputation for orthopedics. I lived in Euclid during my formative years. I think my parents moved when I was 19, so I lived there for that long. Going back there really brings back memories and it makes me realize just how far I've come. And how much my hometown has changed.

After seeing dad, who is doing well and in good spirits, I finished the day with a trip to my favorite place to scrounge for great clothes in Euclid - Cheapie Dillards at the obsolete Euclid Square Mall. I can't believe the mall even has a website! It's been dead for years now. I remember when it was the place to be. So sad.

It's weird to see places and things from my childhood closing and changing. But I guess every generation goes through that. You don't realize all those subtle changes over the years, until one day you notice that everything you knew is different.

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