Thursday, July 17, 2008

Project Runway - Episode 1

I did not meet this season's Project Runway premiere with the same giddy delight that has accompanied every season since two. I normally cannot contain my excitement and want to talk to everyone about the upcoming season and reminisce about the worst contestants of seasons past. (Vincent, anyone?)

This year, because of the turmoil that has played out in the media with the move the show will be making next season to Lifetime and how sneaky the owners of the show were about it, I'm not nearly as excited. First, because I know the show will never be the same again. I love the show the way it is - on Bravo. Second, because what drew me to the show in the first place, a day-long marathon of Season 1, will cease to exist, and finally, because I will be forced to watch the Lifetime Network, which has always had a stigma to me. Mainly because my mom watches all those schmaltzy tearjerker made-for-women movies.

I'm not going to do full recaps this season (too much work), but I will comment briefly.

The challenge went back to the first episode of Project Runway, where the contestants were taken to Gristedes supermarket and asked to create a design using materials and/or food found in the store.

Austin Scarlett won the challenge the first season and came back to announce this challenge and acted as a guest judge. I've always liked Austin, so anytime he comes back is fine with me. (Secretly, I like to see what he's wearing :-)

In this challenge, there were so....many....tablecloths!

I wanted Jerry gone, gone, gone. He came up with this hideous American Psycho shower curtain getup, complete with yellow rubber gloves. I think the model's face and hand gesture says it all.

I was just reading his response to the criticism on He actually had the audacity to call this "ingenius."

This is Christian Bale in American Psycho - probably getting ready to kill someone to the tune of Huey Lewis' "It's Hip to be Square."

Special mention goes to two designers - Stella, for buying cheap black trash bags to make into "leather" pants, but then making a really awful dress (below) out of them, and the new winner for most annoying contestant -- Blayne.

Apparently wanting to have this season's "fierce", he was attaching "-licious" to words, as one competitor commented, and ultimately, the model in his really strange concoction had "girlicious" written on her leg. Stop that. Now.

It's always more fun to talk about the bad designs. But I must also mention the winner.

The winning design of the challenge really was "ingenious." Kelli bleached and dyed vacuum cleaner bags to make a skirt, burned coffee filters for the top, and made a belt out of push pins. The back was my favorite part, where she said she hooked it together with fasteners from a notebook. That was really creative - far beyond what anyone else managed.

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