Thursday, June 05, 2008

I (Heart) Free Shoes

I admit....I would make a terrible politician. Why? Because you can bribe me with shoes.

I was contacted by an L.A.-based PR company working for Marshalls, who told me that if I agreed to blog about the Marshalls Mega Shoe Shops, they would send me gift certificate for shoes.

Well, I went to Marshall's (I had visited their Mega Shoe Shops many times before) and it was like I had never before seen shoes.

Mind you, that is why I know I am have the perfect career for me - every time I go into a store, it's like I have never seen clothes or shoes before. I become completely dumbstruck. Even if it's Old Navy or Charlotte Russe - two places where I don't even buy anything! I'm like, "OOOOH -- CLOTHES!!"

I came out of Marshalls with two cute pairs of shoes - black and straw-colored giraffe print Madden Girl pumps ($24.99) and cork platform slides from Via Spiga ($29.99). They have a zebra print on top and a triangle-shaped toe area. Very sleek yet casual. The nice platform makes me feel taller.

I don't make it into Marshall's too often, simply because the other discount standby (TJ Maxx) is closer to home. (They have the same parent company.)

I do get asked quite a bit where to get this or that. And now I know that for a really great selection of cute shoes (and great labels too), the Marshalls Mega Shoe Shop is the place to go. I was really impressed!

And I'm not just saying that because I got free shoes :)

Let this be a lesson - if you ever want me to champion a cause for you, shoes are the perfect bribe!

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