Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sad about an old friend....

I went to see the new Indiana Jones film last night. Being a huge fan of two of the first three (I didn't like everyone else's least fave - can you guess?), I couldn't wait.

I was excited to see my favorite character, Marcus Brody, the very smart but very lacking-in-common-sense curator of the museum that houses Indy's treasures.

< RIP Marcus

One of the first things I said during the movie was "Where's Marcus?," anticipating him doing or saying something utterly stupid. Then a couple seconds later, Indy explained that first Marcus had died, and "then Dad." Sniffle, sniffle.

Not for Dad, mind you. Sean Connery chose not to come back from what I read, but no Marcus? Waaa.

I even quoted the actor
, Denholm Elliott, to the people I was with. He once said once that making Indiana Jones movies earned him far more than 40 years in the British theater.

I went home at nearly 1am (went to a late showing) and looked him up on IMDB and found that Denholm died in 1992 of AIDS.

Interesting....but still sad. I didn't know he was dead.

I really identified with the character's well-meaning cluelessness and stupidity.

If you're wondering who and what I am talking about, watch Raiders or Last Crusade again. He is fantastic comic relief...yet somehow adds an air of authenticity to the movies.

"Marcus would get lost in his own museum."

Well, at least something cool happened with the Marcus Brody statue in the new film.

P.S. The movie was great. So amazing to see Indy back again!!!! He could have just stood there in the old costume - or even joined the Nazis (or Russians). But if they play the Indy theme, I'm totally there!

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