Friday, April 25, 2008

What I'm Reading

I think that thanks to reporting what I'm reading in my blog, I miraculously completed three books in rapid succession. And surprisingly, my Reading Attention Deficit Disorder (RADD - I just made that up) didn't cause me to pick up any other books, read a few pages and never touch them again, as is my usual habit.

Digital Fortress, What is My Dog Thinking?, Forensic Science: A Geek's Guide

Here's my new list:
Deception Point: more Dan Brown

Flesh and Bone by Jefferson Bass (the famed Dr. Bill Bass from the Univ of Tennessee's Body Farm) and writing partner Jon Jefferson. Dr. Bass wrote the nonfiction works Death's Acre and Beyond the Body Farm, which I've read, of course. The only books that really hold my attention are books about death science. And what's creepy is I've always had that interest! In fact, if I had stayed in science - I was pre-med in college - I think I would have naturally drifted toward working in forensic science. But now it's just a weird hobby.

And finally for the frou-frou girl in me:
(there has to be a beauty or fashion book somewhere in here!)

Beauty Confidential by Nadine Haobsh
I started reading this around Christmas time, but I put it away and haven't looked at it since. It was very good. I'm going to finish it.

I'm going to tackle Flesh and Bone first.

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