Monday, March 17, 2008

On a Mission

Recently, I have begun a quest to get more involved in the world - or just my little corner of it. I've always had my charities I contributed to, although I didn't actively seek many of them out. Now, I am seeking out ways to make changes in the world.

I've never been one for method or research, but I have identified three different categories where I want to make a difference: People, Animals, and Culture.

Here's what I'm up to:

Suit Yourself is a nonprofit located in Painesville, which gives interview clothing to underprivileged women. (Similar to Dress for Success, where I was a longtime volunteer.)

(I looooooove dogs, so two dog-related organizations are right up my alley)
Greyhound Adoption of Ohio, where my parents got their cool dog Tina, who is also my BFF. I'm going to swipe Tina on one Saturday afternoon every month and take her to adoption events at PetSmart locations around town. This is how my mom and I learned about the organization. Linda, who runs it, has a small army of people dedicated to the cause. It's pretty amazing.

I have relatives who are/were retired Cleveland cops. I have a great respect for police dogs and those who work with them. The Ohio Law Enforcement K-9 Association is something I'm looking into helping. I also learned that not all police dogs have adequate bullet-proof vests. The Help Us make Every K-9 Safe Fund (which is related to the former, but a little closer to home) is someplace where I can be more hands-on in fundraising.

(On a related note, I hate the Steelers a little less now that I know Ben Roethlisberger donated a police dog to the Cleveland Police. Not much less, but a little.)

And finally, my Cultural affiliations:
Western Reserve Historical Society - especially working with the textiles and costume collection.

Cleveland Museum of Art - my art history degree has to come in handy at some point! I'm one of the Young Friends, but now it's time to get more involved.

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