Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What a compliment! (to me, at least)

We had our headshot event today, which was fantastic.
Wendy was there along with Julia and Michelle, the hair gals, and we did it all at Eric Mull's studio in Midtown.

I was happy to see a lot of my friends, of course. And make a few new ones as well. How fun is it for girls to get around makeup??!!!

Wendy was commenting that Leslie has a major Deborah Messing vibe going on. Yes, she does. In fact, I didn't even remember I had made that comparison before.

Wendy and I were both commenting on how much we love(d) Will & Grace. And somehow it came up that I have a big time Karen vibe. Yes, my personality is VERY Karen. Most casual and business acquaintances would not expect that from me, but I am much more subversive than anyone but my good friends will ever know! And yes, I prefer to keep it that way!

Well, I took that comparison as a compliment. The Karens of the world have the most fun!!

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