Sunday, January 27, 2008

All Dressed Up

I've been so busy lately that just about everything besides immediate business (including my blog and all my usual writing) is being neglected. I'll be honest, it has been pretty cool to not worry about a lot of things that usually make me miserable - writing deadlines, busy work, etc.

I've been up to lame stuff lately.

- Buying a lot of dresses for spring & summer. No idea why. I spent like five years not wearing dresses. I was a suit girl. Well, not any longer. I really want to wear dresses.

- Watching lame stuff when I'm not doing something biz-related. Last night it was Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (aaah, such nostalgia!). Tonight, Hairspray. I'm discovering that I don't have the patience for musicals like I once did. Whether onstage or in a movie, I'm thinking, "Oh, just shut up already! Stop singing!" I noticed the highly-regarded Wicked is coming back to town and I thought for a half-sec "Maybe I should see that." And then I thought, "No, then I would have to sit through a musical!" To prove my inconsistency, I am trying to figure out a way to see Spamalot when I'm in NY. I'm a Spamalot groupie.

- Doing a lot of working out I would never, ever have believed I would do. For instance, last night I took a salsa class at the gym. The calf pain is excruciating!! And believe me, I beat myself up when I'm working out, but I am clearly missing the calves. I couldn't believe how fun it was and how much we were really getting a workout! My only two previous explorations of salsa dancing were at Sunset Lounge, half-smashed after giant martinis. I almost went splat on the floor - my platforms were too high as was my blood alcohol level.

I'm really looking forward to the cardio striptease class at the gym in February. My friend from Pure Romance is sponsoring it. Perfect product tie-in, huh?

- Glued to the X Games. Why? I have no idea. It looks like one of the most fun things ever devised by human beings. I especially enjoy Snocross (like motorcross on snowmobiles) and Big Air, which is on skis. I don't ski (too cold) and no longer ice skate (bad ankles and knees), but it sure would be fun to be out there doing all that super cool stuff.

My life is lame right now, and I'm enjoying it this way. It's really nice. Sometimes it's nice to lay low and be lame.

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