Saturday, January 05, 2008

Inspired by Rats

I watched Ratatouille last night and now I am inspired to cook! Aesthetically, the movie was amazing. The plot line was predictable (not that I am a movie reviewer or anything) and only really caught my attention when DNA analysis was mentioned (I am a bona fide forensics junkie).

But today, I found myself watching the Food Network (couldn't take hearing about the New Hampshire Primary any longer, honestly) and the focus this morning seemed to be on spa foods, so I was into that.

I particularly like Simply Delicioso with Ingrid Hoffman. I'm not much of a cook or food aficionado, and I'm a vegatarian. But I like things with bright flavors - so Latin foods (not necessarily Mexican - more like Cuban and South American) and Middle Eastern foods do it for me.

Today, I used some chopped veggies (I already had them bagged and ready to go for a stir fry) and a wild rice mixture in a yummy, made-from scratch tomato soup.

I'm like a little foodie rat! (but not really....)

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