Saturday, December 29, 2007


I grabbed the dog and went over to visit my mom and her dog Tina the greyhound on Thursday night. While watching Grey's Anatomy (her choice, not mine), she asked me if I had heard the big news that day.

There was big news that day. Really big world news. Benazir Bhutto was assassinated after a public appearance in Pakistan. I heard it about a half hour after it occurred and followed the story all day.

Yes, I thought it was weird that my mom was opening a dialogue with me on world affairs, but I decided to go with it and see where it led.

So I said that I did hear the news. Bhutto was assassinated. How horrific.

My mom, however, had not heard this, and the big news story she told me about was that Paris Hilton's grandfather was giving his billion$ away to charity and poor Paris would not get her inheritance. (This was technically "news" the day before.)

Okay, I was thinking, that explains it. She was not suddenly cognizant of important goings on in the world. She was telling me some celebrity gossip.

Then she asked me who was assassinated - "What's his name?" And I told her Bhutto was the first female leader in the Muslim world. She then asked,

"What's his name? Bidduda?"

Darn it, mom! You're not blonde! You don't get to be vacuous!!

WOW. Fortunately, she doesn't read my blog. Otherwise I would be in trouble!!

P.S. I bought a shirt yesterday that says "BLONDE~ THE NEW SMART" to add to my funny and ironic blonde saying wardrobe. Perhaps I should give it as a gift to my mom along with a box of bleach.

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