Thursday, December 27, 2007

I will paint the New Year orange!

It's the time of year that I totally love. No, not Christmas (although I am very pro-presents, of course).

It's New Year's Resolution time! I love the idea that I have a blank canvas to start off the next year right. Seems like once December comes around, in the front of my mind are Christmas preparations, but I am well aware of my subconscious gearing up for the changes that need to be made once January 1st hits.

Whether I will stick with those changes is always debatable. But this year will be different. Of course, it always is....

But the fun and excitement of it is that 2008 is so open and pure. Positive things await all of us. And I can leave all my bad habits and negative feelings in 2007 and paint my brand new canvas in any way I want. (I think I will paint it orange!)

(BTW, I'm stealing Coach Joelle's blank canvas analogy.)

Right now, I am making sure I have all of my supplies so that I am prepared to paint. I need my brushes, my pigments and gesso to prime the canvas.

In other words, I have to give myself the best opportunity to make a work of art that lasts.

So without further ado, here are my 2008 New Years Resolutions:

1) Eat far more consciously. Everything in life flows from putting the right fuel in one's body. I know this. But I do not always respect it.

I will make sure my fridge is stocked with the right foods, will allow myself four drinks a month, and will stay away from fast food and pizza. Not only is it bad for my body, it counteracts my mental acuity and is bad for my ridiculously sensitive skin.

2) Drink much more water. Stop drinking Diet Coke. Coach Joelle is right - we don't even know the dangers of that stuff yet. But I'm sure they are there. It's not just the caffeine. It's also the scary-sounding chemicals in any cola product.

I will drink a large container of water a day - 10+ glasses.

3) Get serious about working out. I have (finally) found workouts I enjoy - spinning and my weight class. Working out is finally semi-fun for me. Well, at least it's not sheer clockwatching agony anymore. I have to take advantage of cardio and toning not being such a chore these days.

I will take three spin class/weight class combinations each week plus two additional spin or other cardio sessions.

4) Get leaner and build lean muscle mass.

I will find out my current BMI and body fat percentage and take measurements regularly to make sure I am reaching my goals.

5) Defeat my monkeys - closet & otherwise.

Talk to Debbie Carney about developing structure and an organization plan. Focus on throwing stuff out and giving to charity.

6) Read more. Actually finish books instead of being a habitual book starter.

Read for at least 20 minutes a day. Keep track of this.

7) Make my life a little more regimented. Will it kill me to plan more? And plan better? Absolutely not. Hey, I may then accomplish more. And there's nothing wrong with that!

I will use the small binder I created a few months ago, which documents my daily life - all the facets I want to get under control - pretty much everything in my resolution list!

8) Stay present. I tend to keep my mind firmly planted in the future. I am more of a visionary. I love to imagine the possible. But sometimes it's not conducive to getting things done.

I will be more cognizant of where my mind is at all times and bring myself back into the present when I find it wandering.

9) Keep up with manicures, pedicures and hair color. Even if I think no one will notice. I will! I prefer to do all of these myself, not leave them to the professionals. I don't necessarily recommend this to most people, but it has always worked best for me. It's my relaxing alone time.

I will set aside time on Sunday night to pamper my hands and feet. I will create a schedule for my hair color - not just color it when I see major roots.

10) Do my hair and makeup every day. Even when I won't be seeing anyone that I need to impress. It's too easy to slack in this department.

I will do at least 'natural' makup every day and blow out my hair. And if I'm feeling more inspired, I will do more.

I'm putting this out in the universe and sending it to my friends so I will be held accountable.

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