Friday, December 07, 2007

Holiday Lbs.

You know how they say that the average American gains 5-7 pounds around the holidays? Well, I am afraid I am going to drink (not eat) on the pounds. Too many holiday gatherings and too much making merry - already - and it's only 12/7. Time to shut it down.

To make you think (and to embed it in my own brain), here are the highest calorie drinks according to Forbes:

#10 Cosmopolitan (150 cal)
# 9 Mojito (160 cal)
# 8 Gin or Vodka & Tonic (200 cal)
# 7 Fog Cutter (225 cal)
# 6 Champagne Cocktail (250 cal)
# 5 Mai Tai (350 cal)
# 4 White Russian (425 cal)
# 3 Pina Colada (644 cal)
# 2 Margarita (740 cal)
# 1 Long Island Iced Tea (780 cal!!!)

I'm just wondering how many extra calories I drank this week in a bunch of Voodoo Martinis (Stoli Bluberi - YUM) at Bar Louie and my Starbucks Chai. Oh boy....seriously, no more drinking just for the sake of drinking. Unless it's Diet Coke and flavored vodka.

(The Forbes article has good suggestions for replacements for the high cal ingredients in some of the drinks - and in other cases, they suggest completely different alternatives where you get the alcohol and some of the same flavors, but without the ridiculous amount of calories.)

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kimmyc said...

no more long islands for me. my god so many calories