Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Requiem for an Old Friend

I received an email this past week from my friend Sandy stating that my old stomping ground, Dallas Shoes, was closing. It sounded like the clearance had been going on for a little while already and I should hurry up if I wanted to get some good stuff before the end.

I used to cut classes during college and go shopping at their old location on Rockside. That was perhaps the greatest predictor of my future career. Screw higher learning, give me shoes!

Dallas closed once before. They used to have several locations. Then one of the parters apparently reopened with just the one big store in North Randall by the mall. Now that store is closing.

There was a sign on the outside of Dallas Shoes that said, "Grand Opening - Fur & Leather Outlet." So I went in, and other than the front right side of the store being partitioned off with fur and leather coats and all the security that comes along with them, the store looked exactly as it has always looked. Still has tons of shoes, clothes and accessories.

Shoes and boots, clothing and accessories were 30% off, sandals were 70% off. Sadly, I had about 5 pairs of shoe boxes stacked up, but I ended up with none. No shoes for KK. Sad day :(

There wasn't a single pair that I couldn't live without.

I did find a cool orange "Serengeti Tours" T-shirt (I dream of going on safari one day), 3 winter hats and a scarf. My collection of winter accessories has grown by leaps and bounds in the last two years. I was having a good hair day until I started trying on wool hats. Can you say "static electricity?!!" My hair went wild!

I was talking to a couple of the sales women who have worked there 17 years (wow!) and 2 years, respectively. They were both sad and saying they didn't know what they were going to do, so I took down their info and said I would see if any of my retail connections would help them find other jobs. That's really awful news just before the holidays.

I am still looking for my elusive cute winter shoes (that are not boots). Going shopping tomorrow with Leslie the Search Guru at Great Northern, so perhaps I will find some. I haven't checked DSW yet. They also have a K&G out there with women's clothes, so I will stop in there too. And they have a great Marshalls. I'll also probably pop by Stein Mart in Westlake too while I'm way out west.


Confidential to my dear LML: I hope you are feeling better soon, babe. I know this is hard for you. You'll be OK.

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