Sunday, November 18, 2007

A New Pic

I don't feel like doing the headshots thing right now - at least until after the holidays. I always seem to get them done in January for whatever reason. Maybe because then I'm not tempted to wear a sweater with sparkly Santas and snowmen. (I am just kidding about that!)

I'm much bigger on informality than ever before, so I'm just using pics I like for whatever comes up that I need pics for. For instance, I like this one for my column in Pure Romance's sales magazine, Inspire.

I'm finishing up my first year writing for the quarterly mag. I love it! They are a really classy company located right outside Cincinnati and I can't believe I have this amazing opportunity. I bet a lot of style experts would give their right arm for the chance to write for something like this!

You would probably agree that this fits better than a formal shot in a suit.

KK in a good hair day:

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