Saturday, November 17, 2007

A great quote on personal style

From Pamela Anderson (who I believe is an extremely savvy woman, no matter what is said about her):

I like wearing things that I have purchased or things in my closet...I like to own my clothes - instead of getting a free gown from some designer to wear down the red carpet - to be scrutinized by the “experts”..what I wear is authentically me and what I love - I don’t always make the “right” choices but who cares..I’m a woman.

To me, so many celebs look inauthentic because they are over-styled by a professional Hollywood stylist. It's refreshing when someone takes responsibility for being themself. Good or bad, at least they have courage and confidence. The smart ones have a stylist who works in conjunction with them to be true to their own style. This is the case with Pamela.

When I heard the gorgeous and tasteful Katherine Heigl styles herself, I liked her even more. (Saw Knocked Up yesterday and I am now a raving fan. She's a knockout AND a really likable actress.)

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Anonymous said...

Katherine Heigl rules. Love her :)