Wednesday, November 07, 2007

In Search of....Cute Winter Shoes

...that aren't boots...

Here's a new little segment for my blog - I'm always seeking something in the stores. Here's me going "In search of", which I may recall was a show on PBS many years ago. Well, instead of going searching for mummies or into the cosmos (or whatever the heck they were doing), it's me, silly, and I'm going shopping!

Until the hail/sleet/whatever that was falling yesterday and today (not sticking, mercifully), I had still been running around in flip-flops. Especially my lime green ones with sequins.

I'm not ready for boots, although they're all lined up and ready for me.

I don't wear loafers (I even hate the word - loafer - it sounds so lazy), and flats kill my feet.

I need: CUTE SHOES that preferably have a 1' platform and a chunky heel.

Out of all the department stores, I saw ONE PAIR. ONE. That's it.

Naturalizer Mojave Clog at Macy's - $49.98
I'm going to go out (in booties, not flip-flops) to see what else I can find.
(KK fact - I used to live in the Mojave Desert - Vegas, to be exact)

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Anonymous said...

Those are cute - I like the buckle and heel.