Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Burgundy and my favorite color!

I have a tendency to stock up on corduroy jackets in the Fall. I pretty much have a rainbow of them in my closet. This year, I found a great chocolate brown one and its twin in burgundy.

I was over at my grandparents' watching Game 1 of the ALCS (Go Tribe!) with them and my mom. I had the burgundy jacket in the car, so I brought it in to show them.

My gram asked what I was planning to wear it with and my mom piped in and said I could wear it with navy, black, beige, etc.

Know what I said?

"I'm thinking orange."

My mom said (barely hiding her disgust), "That wouldn't be my first choice."

And I was like, "Trust me."

So I will be wearing it Friday with a fine-gauge salmon short-sleeve sweater. I'm going to D'Vine for cocktails with Erica and then to a Best of Cleveland party at the Map Room with Dee and Kelly W.

I think it will look pretty good....

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Anonymous said...

SO, how did it look?