Saturday, August 11, 2007

Save the Dates

Following on the heels (hehe, SHOES!) of Style & Cocktails are three events I would like to tell you about.

September 27 - Style in the City

Another informal cocktail party - yes, the drink of choice will be cosmopolitans.

Guys are welcome too, of course!

November 3 & 4 - “A Kick in the Closet”

Do you have clothes you want (or in my case, need) to get rid of? This will be a sort of clothing sale and swap. If the styles are current, new or almost-new, you are welcome to sell. If they just need to get out of your basement (like mine), we will create a “give-and-take” opportunity.

Whatever is left can be taken home or will go to charity.

December 11 – Candy Canes & Cocktails

Our holiday get together!

We are still working on all the details, including venues, but please put these dates in your calendar and I will keep you posted!

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