Sunday, August 12, 2007

More About Me

As I'm pulling together a new site, we're doing a little introspective exercise about our own style. Here's what's going up on the site along with our bios:

My style mantra:
Always appropriate. Never boring.
My personal style reflects the way I live. Trust me, it’s way more fun this way!

Biggest crime of fashion:
Not having your clothes tailored. Tailoring is relatively inexpensive and takes your clothes the extra mile from looking great on the hanger to looking great on YOU.

My favorite rule to break:
“A little pattern goes a long way.”
I love wearing more than one pattern. I will wear stripes with leopard, polka dots with zebra, and checks with floral. As long as it’s done subtly and isn’t garish, it’s my favorite way to break from the boredom of solids.

One thing I will never wear:
Anything taupe. It’s a difficult color for almost anyone to pull off, but makes me look especially putrid.

Accessory I can’t live without:
Super high heels, of course! The antidote to being short!

I confess:
I once used a glue gun on the sleeves of a designer suit when I didn’t have time to have them altered. Gulp! I can’t believe I admitted that! I think my tailor wanted to kill me.

My favorite style splurge:
When I find something I can’t live without. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I know it will be on my mind until I have it. I have several of these items in my closet, and I still love them as much as the day I bought them.

My favorite cheapie item:
Makeup! I buy cheap-o makeup everywhere I go. Anywhere that sells “drugstore” makeup brands is fair game. I have a giant bin of lip gloss. Sad, I know….I need an intervention.

My favorite fashion quote:
“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.”
From my favorite playwright, Oscar Wilde. True in Victorian times. Still just as true today.

The best style advice you ever received:
Love it madly, need it badly, or don’t buy it.
I can’t tell you how much money that has saved me over the years!

The best part of what I do:
It is my privilege to spread a message to the world that is fun and empowering – love yourself no matter what, understand how your image affects your career aspirations, and dress your unique spirit.

And it’s part of my job to look cute every time I leave the house!

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jolie :-) said...

k - this is so you! come to think of it i have never seen you in taupe.