Sunday, August 26, 2007

Me & Larry on a Dreary Sunday

I haven't been truly blogging for awhile. I posted an AICI retreat recap, but haven't been sharing my bizarre insights for the last couple of weeks. Was anyone out there actually missing them?

Today's blog entry is going to read like Larry King's column from the Life section of USA Today (famously parodied by Norm MacDonald on SNL many years ago). Just crazy free association. So enjoy! (or something)

1) Hot rollers are back in style!
It's true! Jen Gonzalez, the awesome hair expert from Joey & Me in Amherst, OH (Joey is her mom) told us this at the image retreat last weekend. I remember being 5 years old and my mom running around the house with hot rollers in her hair. I have tried them on and off over the years with varying results. But now that I understand my hair - it's very fine, but there is a ton of it - and how to use products properly (thanks to my stylist Julia at Jenniffer & Co!), I wanted to try hot rollers again on my super straight hair. And you know what? They worked! Since my hair is the longest it has been in years and years, it gives me another styling option. Yay!

2) My new bracelet!
While waiting for Coach Joelle to arrive to do some shopping Thurs night, I spotted a weird bracelet in the jewelry case at TJ Maxx. I had to have it. It was lime green with a black dot in the center - each link almost looks like an eye. And then I realized exactly why this attracted me.

It looks like Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc.

3) Monkey Patrol
I am on serious cleaning duty this week. My stuff - mainly my obscene amount of clothes and shoes - are in my way and getting on my nerves and most importantly are getting in the way of my book writing.

4) Bye Bye Kel :(
As I am typing this, my dear little Kelly is en route to NYC. I know she is not happy about going, but this is her senior year at FIT and she will come back home for good in May. I was so glad that she was able to participate in our retreat this past weekend! Not only did she attend, but she was a SPEAKER as well! I am so proud of that girl!!

5) KK: Techie
I think I am hanging around too much with Dan Hanson, the Great lakes Geek. Instead of me having a positive influence on him (his complete absence of fashion sense - it's very intentional - borders on legendary), I am starting to buy up domain names and build e-commerce sites and web portals. I have several in various stages of development right now, so I won't announce anything until it's time to officially launch. I'm also rebuilding my own site to reflect more of where my business is now and where it is headed (I don't work with personal clients too much anymore - I mainly only take pre-qualified referrals and past clients now. It's a part of my business that never made me happy, so I'm dropping it for the most part.)

Speaking of which, I have recently vowed to live my life based on one principle: I will only do things if they are FUN. There you have it - Coach Joelle's influence on my life (and it is quite profound) in a nutshell. I want to have a fun and exciting existence. I thrive on it. Everything I do has to have an element of fun or else it makes me not want to do it, which leads me to be miserable (decidedly NOT fun). I had to figure out how to make monkey control fun. (I put on my favorite Mystery Science Theater movies or episodes of 30 Rock from as background noise. I love 30 Rock, btw. I wasn't so sure about it at first, but I totally got it after a couple of episodes. TV for smart people. What a concept! Alec Baldwin is a comedic genius and can someone please explain why Tracy Morgan is so hilarious? I remember seeing Tina Fey at Second City Chicago in 1996! Who knew!)

Okay, have I rambled for long enough? I think I'm finally out of things to talk about. Good. Back to the monkeys....

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