Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Orange is the New Tan?

Friends, I am not a big fan of celebrity gossip. But something just struck me.

Why is Lindsay Lohan perpetually
ORANGE? Have you noticed this?

Too much Mystic Tan, I fear!! LisaMarie just did the Mystic. I feel the need to warn her:

It may be responsible for killing Lindsay's brain cells.

Or maybe that's just Lindsay's use of vodka, cigarettes and recreational and prescription drugs which accounts for her perpetually bizarre and sometimes knife-wielding behavior.

Still, Lisa looks tan, while Lindsay always looks orange. Perhaps it isn't the tanning. Maybe she is part oompa loompa.

I still remember when we used to worry about turning orange from self-tanners. Thank goodness for technology - self-tanners get better every year. We can have a natural-looking bronze glow from a bottle or a tube if we choose.

So, again, there seems to be no explanation for Lindsay Loompa.


JenB said...

I was thinking that too! Nice visual!

ShopGirl said...


star*child said...

The orange skin is the least of her problems. The poor girl needs some serious help. Everytime she goes to rehab she you see her out and about and even partying. She needs to go someplace where she can't get out and just sweat it out for 30 or 60 or 90 days.

Did u see the cover of people this week? There is a picture of her from the Parent Trap like 9 years ago and then her passed out in a car. So sad. She used to be cute. You're right. Now she is orange.