Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fun on the Weekend

Thanks to Michelle White-Grady for the invite to her martini party last night. I needed some time off for good behavior! I've been writing furiously lately. We stopped into a fun women's store called Francesca's at Legacy Village and I knew I had to have this luggage tag:

I had two drinks (and snacks - for a $7 cover!) - a blueberry martini (super yummy) and a coconut rum & Diet Coke.

(Yes, it's still March, and yes, I'm still a pirate - as my associate Scott from Tenth Floor pointed out - I am very consistent with my brand. If I say I'm a fashion pirate for all of March, I stick with it, darn it!)

Hmmm...maybe I'm not such a lightweight drinker anymore because I didn't feel anything after two drinks. After one martini, I'm usually falling off the barstool, falling asleep, or laughing inappropriately at anything and everything. Two drinks is usually my absolute limit.

Case in point: At my January party, someone showed Kelly and me that his jacket was from the Wilke-Rodriguez line at Men's Wearhouse and I almost fell over laughing. Why? No idea.

I was putting together an outfit for my AICI meeting tomorrow in Columbus. I am the incoming president in June, so I should probably start dressing presidential, one would think, right? So of course I bought the loudest jacket I could find - it's cropped with a beige background and:
(I am
NOT joking)
1) Bright pink splotches
2) Leopard print
3) Zebra print

4) Paisley

I was considering returning it because it is so crazy and the length is weird and it's just wild. But I think I will keep it around and find the right thing to wear with it. I know I'll never find anything like that again. The jacket is pretty much all the accessories one needs, and all you have to do is give it a blank background - black, brown, or beige.

Plus it encompasses my first rule of prints - it includes my hair color - there is a lot of flaxen and golden paisley in it. I love leopard (duh!) and look great in swirly prints.

Perhaps as a backlash to the crazy jacket, I think I will dress unusually conservatively tomorrow. My stylish image consultant friends won't know what happened to me! That will keep 'em on their toes :)

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