Monday, September 18, 2006

Bloggers and Books

First of all, let me mention my buddy Henry Gomez from the Plain Dealer who wanted to see his name in lights (aka the Keeping Up Appearances blog) for sending me a link from the Wall Street Journal about the legitimacy of bloggers in the fashion world. They’re now being invited to fashion week. How cool is that? Thanks, HG! Bloggers Get Under the Tent

I’ve decided to take a break from some of the non-essential hectic stuff I’m doing (i.e., networking, all the groups I belong to….anything that isn’t revenue-generating) and write my book. Enough talk already. I have to write the book to get to where I want to be – on the national stage. No one has focused on the subject I am writing about. I know this book will be a big seller. I can’t begin to say how many complaints I hear about the topic I’m writing about. There is already a built-in market for it, and probably markets I haven’t even thought about. And I am certainly the foremost expert on the topic. Definitely in North America….maybe even the world. Oh, I flatter myself. Fortunately, no one has ever stepped up to the plate and written the ultimate book about it, so that’s my job.

It’s just everything else that goes along with working with an agent and publisher that is daunting. The business side of things. I guess tens of thousands of people who are a lot less business-savvy than me have written and been published. I just need to get up the resolve to get it done and not quit. Even though writing is a lonely endeavor, and I’m not big on being by myself for long periods of time. I am energized by people, not solitude and introspection. And I know that a lot of people who don’t enjoy writing more than me have been published – some numerous times.

So I just have to bite the bullet and write. Not in my blog. I have to get to work on my first two books so I can get to the book I really want to write.

Wanna guess what it’s about?

Shoes, of course!

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