Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Who, The Boss, Miss Ross, & Me

After the haircuts for the “kids” for our Plain Dealer makeovers, the Scott Metzger Team offered me a haircut so I could also experience one. How could I refer to him, they reasoned, if I hadn’t had a cut from him myself.

Scott has had a long and illustrious career in the hair industry, but I was most impressed with his list of clients. When he lived in London in the 70’s, he hung with The Who and told a humorous story about John Entwhistle’s crotchety grandfather. Scott has also cut Bruce Springsteen’s and Diana Ross’s hair. I didn’t see why he shouldn’t cut mine!

I had watched Scott cut Deborah’s hair (2 hours) and Jake’s hair (1 hour) for the makeovers. I honestly didn’t understand why it was taking so long. But when I got in his chair, it truly was a Zen-like experience.

Like many busy and driven people, I have a tough time relaxing. Even when I get myself to yoga class, my mental chatter doesn’t stop. I’m always thinking about what I have going on and plotting my future business moves. I can’t help it and it doesn’t stop. I sometimes wish I could meditate just to give my mind a rest.

I was actually able to take my focus off the rest of the world and relax. I was almost falling asleep as I sat there and had my hair cut – for two hours.

Scott must have used 50 cutting techniques to get the desired result. Don’t know a whole lot about cutting hair – I should probably know more, but what is important to me is to understand face shapes, lifestyle, and hair color. I can look at a style and see if it fits the person, but I don’t know what the pros know.

I can tell that this is a GOOD haircut. It feels different than any cut I’ve ever had. The $200 price tag is a little steep, but for many people, it’s likely worth it just to let the world go for a couple of hours.

To contact Scott, call his assistant Gini at (216) 905-1770.

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