Friday, June 30, 2006

For Henry, George & the Czar

I went to a Tech Czar event last night at the Happy Dog on W. 58th & Detroit. The party definitely follows Mr. DeAloia. It’s amazing - I can only hope to have that kind of a following one day. Personally, I think it’s gotta be the cool title. I need a cool title. “Style Maven” works but isn’t too original. I think my title needs to involve the word “princess” and I need a matching tiara for every outfit – to go with my super cute shoes, of course!

I invited some members of the Cleveland Fashionista Society (the CFS – I just made that up) to the event. Kelly ( and I met up with Wendy ( and later we were joined by Mary Stewart McGovern and her husband Pat. It doesn’t surprise me that Pat is just as quiet as Mary is chatty and bubbly. Your hair looks great, by the way, MSM. I'm diggin' the bangs.

Kel and I got there early, which I definitely wasn’t planning. I hate getting to parties early. I usually choose to be fashionably late. We made incredible time coming in from the far east side. We were the second ones there. The first to arrive was Henry Gomez from the Plain Dealer. I could say something mean (yet hilarious) that Henry is a nerd for being there first, but I do enough psychological damage to the poor guy about his clothes (it’s all in fun, buddy, I love the sad puppy dog face:( Henry was then joined by Brandon Glenn from Crain’s (hey, Brandon, get me in Crain’s!) and they were then joined at the bar by Kel & me.

Wendy, Kel, and I were supposed to be interviewed by Peter from Cool Cleveland, but his mom is in the hospital in pretty serious condition, so we still haven’t been able to connect for our interview. It was probably better that way as we wouldn’t have been able to hear over the music.

I was asked a few times about updating my blog, so here it is Henry, George and whoever else asked me about it. I didn’t realize that anyone was reading this stuff. I feel honored that they are, but it’s really a frivolous blog. My hair, my clothes, my clients, my quest for awesome shoes, etc. Not really what guys are into. Or maybe they are and just don’t want to admit it.

Back on the tiara subject, Mary said she saw one in NYC for me – it says “It’s all about me” in pink rhinestones. That’s a catty in-joke about the Style Maven. MSM and I take out the claws and let the fur fly sometimes and it’s always hilarious. We can be a couple of mean chicks when we want to be. I wouldn’t want to be on the other side of our cattiness!!!

Let’s see….who else was there last night? William was there minus the Members Only (oh, sorry, GAP) jacket and I saw George from Brewed Fresh Daily (here’s my updated blog!! Get off my back dude!! :) I met Richard from Pantek, who was One 2 Watch in Inside Business a year or so ago. So it was like a little One 2 Watch reunion last night since the Czar was also one a couple of years ago. We’re in an exclusive club, I suppose. (Actually, I’m perturbed by all the guy attention that article has received. Hey, I’m a serious business person, not eye candy – hence the Smart Blonde shirt last night). Special thanks to Richard for thinking Kelly is older than me. You made BOTH of our nights!!! Hee hee. Let’s just say that Kel is WAAAY my junior.

I had a really fun time (although I must admit it may have been partially due to the margaritas) and I’m glad that my friends enjoyed themselves as well. Kel didn’t know what to expect but she had a blast. It was a great group and a great time and now I have a reason to update my blog!!!


p.s. Best wishes on the real estate beat, Mr. Gomez, and I’m looking forward to your rendition of Wind Beneath My Wings….in your sombrero, of course!

Confidential to Mr. D: Who's your daddy?



George Nemeth said...

Hey, I was one2watch too.

You think I was on your back about not blogging? You should talk to some of the people I've gotten on about not blogging...

Tech Link said...

I've never been One2Watch. I'll be honest, I'm not too upset about it.

Had to get a sombrero dig in there, didn't you?

I would like to clarify: This "event" started as Brandon and I getting together for a beer. We invited the Tech Czar, who hijacked the plans and turned it into one of his soon-to-be-branded "Evening with the Tech Czar" events.

But it's all good. It was like a week's worth of beat reporting squeezed into one night!

Kristen Kaleal said...

You bring the sombrero & I'll bring the maracas, H. I'm sure you'll be leaving real estate soon and moving to the style beat. Then I won't be able to make any more politically incorrect cracks!!! (unless sombreros are IN for that season)

Keep on me about blogging, George -seriously.

I often forget because of my super glamorous life. I swear, Jennifer Aniston has nothing on me.