Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Show Girl

I’m so excited after my meeting yesterday with the TV people. I met with a programming director and a production company about producing a style show. We’re going to do a pilot and see if there’s interest from sponsors. It will hit exactly the right demographic so I don’t see a reason why sponsors wouldn’t be interested!

Another wonderful thing about this show concept is that we can feature my friends who have interesting things to share. I know a lot of people in the image/beauty/style/etiquette world and I’ve learned a ton from them and I would love for them to share their knowledge with the rest of the viewing audience.

I gave the producers a list of about 30 ideas for shows and segments and makeovers we could do. Hopefully this will all work out and will be the start of something much bigger.

I’ll keep updating as the pilot is shot and hopefully picked up.

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