Sunday, March 27, 2011

Corduroy Conundrum

The fashion helper needs fashion help.

I'm not one who lets items fester in my closet. If I'm not going to wear it now or in the future, it's usually outta there pretty quickly - either given to a friend, consigned or donated to a charity.

These corduroy jackets are the exception to the rule. I have these and a few more, which are at least four years old. I don't usually wear corduroy - it's a little too rough-textured and heavy for me. Plus these jackets are pretty boxy and I lose any sense of body shape in them.

I've stopped wearing them as part of an outfit, which I used to do with jeans and a top.

But I'm debating about keeping them around to use as outerwear. Unless it's bitterly cold, I rarely wear a heavy coat since I generally hop right from the car to indoors, so I tend to opt for either a voluminous sweater or lightweight jacket and accessorize with hat, scarf and gloves. I keep a big coat and comfy shoes in the car just in case ;-)

So do I dump the boxy corduroy? I don't have a huge connection to it, except for the leopard (which has more of a shape than the others) and dark turquoise ones. But they are warm and practical and I find myself grabbing them a few times a season. I just know there are better choices out there.

Do I keep them around for next fall and winter or give them away so the temptation to wear something so meh on me is gone for good? But I also feel like I will kick myself if I need one and it's not there.

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