Monday, September 27, 2010

Dear A&E: Please don't make me go to chapstick rehab!!!!

I am an amateur beauty junkie and will buy anything and everything if it's either a pretty color or if it gives the promise of being fabulous in one way or another. I have a constantly wandering eye when it comes to beauty products. I am fickle.

I've realized - FINALLY - that I only trust certain brands because of their higher quality and ability to meet my needs and desires. So why do I constantly buy a bunch of inferior quality drug store brand junk?

I need to focus on buying and using only what works.

I've made three Beauty Resolutions that I will work on BEFORE the end of the year. You guys need to hold me to these. I don't want to be on a special crossover episode of Intervention and Hoarders where my ginormous stash of lipgloss is shown to shame me into going into rehab where I will only be allowed one plain chapstick.

That would be my definition of hell.

And I don't want to go there. Yet. (heehee!)

These seem simple enough:

Needed: Monogamous relationship with MAC
1. Halt all random makeup buying. Start replacing (almost) everything with MAC. Must include admitting to self that the 'Kristen amuses herself by trying and reviewing makeup' blog is never gonna happen. Why should I propagate buying crap makeup just because it's MY crutch? The true drug store brand gems are too few and far between to make it worth anyone's while. (Side note: The post of my favorite cheapo products is forthcoming - and those have been the same for several years now.)

2. Get away from spending hundreds for prescription skin care every year (sorry, Dr. Hirsh!) and go back to using Arbonne. Arbonne always made my skin look and feel so healthy. Skin prescriptions make my skin feel horrible and dull. This may be a total pipe dream, but worth a shot. (I have painful cystic acne. I know it doesn't look like it. But trust me. Just trust me. I dread flare-ups.)

3. Stop thinking other shampoos will work as well and just use Frederic Fekkai. My hair never feels healthier. The pink Color Care line is what I use.

So how do I start? By stopping the buying cycle. No more buying makeup or hair care products. I need to use what I have right now in my stockpile and then start slowly replacing it with the quality products above.

It's up to YOU to keep me out of chapstick rehab. I'm counting on every single one of you.


Beautifully Invisible said...

I love this - good luck with your beauty resolutions! I hope you'll give us updates on how it's going!

I am a big fan of MAC myself (mostly when I need something a bit more striking in color), but I also have a huge soft spot for Sephora in general. And now that Sephora carries Bobbie Brown... I think there is no end in sight for my addiction!

Mel said...

So... can you recommend a good shampoo or product for thin, limp hair? I mean, I have ZERO volume. And it's getting worse with age. I haven't met a product yet that I like.

Kristen Kaleal said...

Mel - I haven't tried the related shampoo yet, but TreSemme's 24 Hour Body Mousse is pretty damn amazing.

Have you tried Frederic Fekkai's Volume (yellow) line? I trust his stuff, obviously. You can buy a sample pack at Bath & Body Works for $25.

seekzpeace said...

On another hair care note, IF you EVER HAVE to use cheap-o shampoo's....a stylist/instructor at a Xenon once told me they did a study and Suave won out. The one to avoid: Pantene~and anything that promises ultra-silkiness. They basically coat your hair. OH, and speaking of coating, this is why Arbonne's products are so fabjous; NO mineral oil/petrolatum. READ the labels when you buy!!!

amyjr said...

I love Arbonne and I agree with you about how it works. I also like Patricia Wexler from Bath and Body works. I, like you, love to try and the only drugstore makeup I use is mascara and the rest is MAC or STILA or Laura Mercier. I am still trying to find a great undereye concealer. Any suggestions from your quest??
Good Luck wth your resolutions:-D