Monday, March 08, 2010

10 Real Life Fashion Lessons from the Oscars

1.  Sometimes one strong statement is all you need.
Simply. Gorgeous.


2. Don’t look for the wrong kind of attention. 
Did Charlize and her stylists really think this kind of weird risk would work for the Oscars? Check out its, er, "inspiration."

3. Throw them a curve.
We are used to edgy red carpet fashion from Cameron Diaz. Last night, it was elegant classic Hollywood style, from head to toe.  

4. You can look beautiful at any size. 
So stop hiding.

5. Color can make all the difference. 
(I never did care for that pale pink dress) 

6. You can look sexy and age-appropriate at the same time. 
Meryl finally hit the fashion bulls eye! 

7. Horizontal lines are not our friend. 
Especially if they look like they are strangling us, SJP. 

8. If it works for you, stick with it 
Maggie Gyllenhaal (lt) in the color palette (black & blue) of a past Oscar gown (rt).

9. Darker skin looks gorgeous in pastel shades.
I swear the Queen has never looked better. 

10. When in doubt, go all out. 
Vera Farmiga in a bright and wildly ruffled gown. She has the coloring and the stature to carry off such a dramatic dress. Plus she's a nominee! This may be the only chance she has to make a splash!

Stay tuned for my official Oscar gown recap! 
Muppets will be involved. That's a promise!

All photos used courtesy of Wire Image. 

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