Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stand Up & ReBoot

As I was grudgingly going through my boot collection in preparation for Jack Frost hitting the Midwest this week, I remembered a helpful tip I learned a few years ago. 

We're all looking for ways to reuse, renew and recycle these days, so here's a way to recycle your old magazines and keep your tall boots in shape.

It's simple. Roll up a magazine (I like "meatier" mags like Vogue or O) and put one in each boot. 

The boots will stand at attention ready for you, whether you wear them on a daily basis or need to store them during the warmer months.

This technique is a far more reasonable alternative to pricey boot trees:

If you look at this the way I do (and I really hope you don't), the money saved on buying boot trees will allow you to BUY MORE BOOTS!

Mmmm.....warmer months........

Stop taunting me, Atlantis commericals. 
I may just have to take you up on a winter mini-vacay.
I'm ready for it after a day and a half. 
What a whiner!


conselleimageconsultant said...

This is definitely a very economical and timely tip!

Allison M. said...

You mention boots and I think Frye now! I just saw the perfect pair for this winter at a hefty price tag in Nordstrom this weekend. I'm in love!

toby_is_cute said...

That is a great idea~

EJH said...

That is a fantastic idea :) and if you ever breakdown and want to book a girlie trip to Atlantis, I'm free starting March :)